Our Story

Meet Ivana and Antonia Juric, the sisters and founders behind Leo and Co Bakery. Growing up, the two sisters were both competitive athletes, which fuelled their desire to learn more about how to properly fuel their bodies and keep up with the physical and mental demands that sports had on them. The pair also had a deep love for food and watching their grandma prepare classic Croatian/Italian inspired desserts (and eating them too of course!). Ivana’s passion for cooking and baking continued to grow exponentially. She started spending countless hours in the kitchen, inventing and testing recipes to get them just right.

In 2013, Antonia developed an autoimmune disorder and became incredibly ill. For months she spent most of her days in bed, in pain, unable to eat almost anything. At first, she had to cut gluten out of her diet completely. As time went on the list of things she was unable to eat grew longer and longer until it felt she almost had no options whatsoever. This was an extremely hard time for her mentally and physically and Ivana would constantly try to alter her recipes in order to help her sister eat and become healthy again.

As time passed Antonia became healthier and continued to further her education in health and wellness and discovered a passion for the food industry and how different foods affect the body/mind and gut. The pair started creating recipes together, and slowly realized that this alternative way of eating was best suited for their needs. The food that they were creating now made them feel amazing and tasted great! So they wondered, why isn’t everyone else eating like this? They also started to wonder how many other people had food allergies/sensitivities or just wanted to eat healthier without giving up delicious food. It turned out there was a ton of people who were in need of healthier options but no where to find them.

The sisters searched everywhere near and far, and although some places had a couple options that were “gluten sensitive” or “paleo inspired”, those options still had junk and chemicals in them that they didn’t want to feed themselves or their family. There was nowhere people with these allergies could feel completely stress free about eating. That is how Leo and Co. was born.

The duo believe that everyone should have delicious food that makes them feel great. They strongly believe in having dessert everyday! Which is why their treats and eats are filled with the most nutritious ingredients they can source and they are continuously trying to make their goods healthier while also keeping the delicious flavours.

If you’d like to learn more about Leo and Co Bakery, or the services and products we provide, please feel free to contact us at info@leoandco.ca

A Note to Our Customers

Leo & Co. is a small batch bakery. This means that everything is hand made in small batches to keep the taste and quality of our products up to expectations. This being said, our orders are first come first serve. We have a maximum amount of orders we can fill (especially during the holidays) due to our artisanal baking practices. As our bakery grows the amount of orders we can fulfill will grow with it. We will never compromise the quality, taste, or integrity of our products. We thank you for your continued support and patience. We hope you can taste all the love and effort we put into making every baked good specially for you.