Beauty Cookies (Egg-Free)

Beauty Cookies (Egg-Free)


Beauty starts from the inside out! That’s why our brand new BEAUTY COOKIES are filled with nutrient dense ingredients to get you glowing from within. 
These powerful snacks include; 

MACA: An adaptogen that helps your body adapt to stress and heal. It is incredibly nutrient dense, and rich in vitamins that help fight free radicals that can cause skin damage and inflammation. 

COLLAGEN: This essential protein is already available in your body but depletes with age. It is a building block that can help ease joint pain, improve digestion, promote skin elasticity, as well as hair and nail growth. 

PUMPKIN SEEDS: Rich in skin friendly vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, these babies are said to improve skin tone(vitamin E), aid in cell regeneration(vitamin A), and maintain the oil production and moisture levels of your skin (essential fatty acids).

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